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Why use PingBit Health?

For healthy aging; for quick and practical access to health support whenever we need it; in order to spend more and better time with our loved ones; for a high-spirited, energetic, happy and healthy quality life... PingBit Health

Emergency Support

PingBit Support Team is always with you in case of emergencies such as SOS alarms, sudden falls, no motion cases, going out of the safe area. In each emergency case, notifications are sent to you via the Mate Mobile Application. You can get support by calling our emergency support unit to provide the necessary assistance.

Health Support Service

Our health experts and nurses are at your side with health consultancy and second opinion services for the health of you and your relatives. A new life awaits you, where your vital signs are monitored by your health experts and nurses without the need to go to the hospital. Your diet, exercise and medication schedule is supported, and your body's health gets improved with a protective and preventive approach.

Smart Technologies

We develop smart technologies so that you can live a healthier, happier and more peaceful life closer to your loved ones. With the wearable devices we have developed, we ensure that your health and life data are transmitted to authorized health professionals in a safe and secure manner. With our smart algorithms, we notice your lifestyle behaviors that affect your health that you are not even aware of, and guide you to a healthier life with the support of our healthcare team.


With our mobile and web applications, we ensure that your relatives and authorized healthcare team are aware of your health. We offer more practical, more effective and higher quality early diagnosis, observation and treatment processes, where your Health Diary, Health Files and Health Measurements data are securely archived.

Continuous Monitoring

With PingBit Smart Technologies, we automatically and continuously store all your health data in a secure archive for you and give access to your authorized relatives and doctors. Also, you are not limited to just PingBit products. You can integrate PingBit Mate devices with compatible measurement devices, peripheral sensors and wearables.

Technical Partnerships

We work with many innovative product developers and healthcare providers to provide effective solutions for Alzheimer's, Dementia, Parkinson's, Diabetes, rhythm disorders, respiration system diseases, and physical therapy requirements.




Get Connected

By integrating your innovative products and health data measurement devices with PingBit products, you can provide more effective health solutions to your users, speed up your development processes and be among our solution partners.

Get Connected

About Us

Biyomod is an R&D company established in METU Technopark in 2012. Biyomod develops hardware, software, platform and service integrated solutions for remote patient monitoring, wearable sensors, and telemedicine solutions. Medical software and hardware development, remote medical education solutions, real-time and interactive case sharing tools, cloud-based teleradiology platforms, mobile emergence care applications are some of the topics that the Biyomod team is working on.

Ayhan Ozan Yılmaz

Co-Founder & CEO

Hüseyin Yiğitler

Co-Founder & CTO

Barış Evren Eser

Frontend Development Lead

Açelya Küçükkurt

UI/UX Design Lead

Fikret Pirim

Backend Development Lead

Advisory Board

We work with our consultants who are experts in technical and medical fields in our projects that are entitled to be innovative products being supported by Tübitak SME Support Government Fund programs.

Prof. Dr. Murat Eyüboğlu

METU Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department

Prof. Dr. Orhan Çınar

Acibadem Health Group Emergency Department

Prof. Dr. Füsun Öner Eyüboğlu

Başkent University, Department of Pulmonary Medicine & Lung Disease

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PingBit News

Sleep Apnea and Sleep Quality

It is possible to perform your sleep apnea early diagnosis test in the comfort of your home. Moreover, without the need for any cable and breathing cannula...


The clinical evaluation process has been started for MateOne motion analysis to detect Parkinson's symptoms, aiming to monitor patients' symptoms, and managing drug doses at frequent intervals remotely.


PingBit WeBreath, which was developed to increase the level of asthma control and facilitate the determination of patient-specific treatment, offers an acoustic sensor-based smart technology infrastructure which does not require any patient effort and can perform continuous measurement.

Exercise at home

In order to enable individuals to change their lifestyles positively in terms of mental and physical health during the pandemic process, a solution that offers personalized exercise interactions at home has been developed: PingBox.

Voice Analysis for Covid Symptom Detection

Video calls are now an indispensable part of our lives. We even started to make our meetings with our doctors in the form of video calls. So, can our doctors understand from our voices that we are at risk of Covid while talking to us? The answer is yes, with the PingBit Mate mobile app.

Motion Analysis

One of the basic parts of telemedicine applications is teleconsultation. It is very important to evaluate and follow the joint openings, especially in physical therapy consultations. Our "Motion Analysis" toolbar has been added to the PingBit Mate mobile application for joint patency and motion analysis.