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Voice Analysis

In this project, Health Sciences University Gülhane Faculty of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine Lecturer Assoc. Dr. The speech, voice and cough analysis software developed within the scope of Yahya Ayhan Acar's TÜBİTAK-supported project and the analysis tool of speech and cough sounds for Covid-19 have been integrated into the PingBit Mate mobile application, making it an analysis tool that can be used by physicians in video conference and teleconsultation meetings.

For speech, voice and cough analysis, audio recordings are taken from a standard mobile phone at standard distance using pitch. In this way, by recording the voice characteristics of the people with a standard text reading, the number of cough of the person and the voice analysis of the cough are evaluated whether there is a change in the character.

Doç. Dr. Yahya Ayhan Acar

In the clinical evaluation performed, the patients were examined in two groups as face-to-face and online. Voice recordings taken from 25 positive and 25 negative people with Covid-19 test were converted into 100 labeled data in total by separating speech and cough in preprocessing. The differences between the features obtained from cough and speech recordings according to Covid-19 positive and negative classes were examined.