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24/7 Support Service

PingBit Support Service provides you with support in cases of emergencies regarding your loved ones so that you can intervene on time. With PingBit Mate devices, notifications and warnings are transmitted in cases such as sudden falls, no motion cases, SOS alarms and going out of the safe area. You can directly communicate with your relatives via PingBit Mate devices via voice connection. Measurement values ​​detected to be out of bounds are also reported 24/7 via the PingBit wearable product family and integrated devices.

PingBit Health Support Service

The vast majority of chronic conditions are linked to lifestyle, diet and exercise habits. PingBit Health experts and nurses support you to maintain your diet, exercise, sleep and medication schedule, to feel healthier and fitter all day long. They monitor your health data closely, advise and guide you to subspecialty doctors with video call support when necessary.

Consultation Service

When you have a problem with your health or the health of your relatives, it is possible to get immediate support from PingBit Health experts via the PingBit Mate mobile application.


By forwarding your questions about the health problem you are experiencing to PingBit Health consultants, you can have information about your health status, learn the points you wonder in the form of questions and answers, and have an idea about the way you should follow for a solution.


If you want to reach a subspecialty doctor about the treatment process after the consultancy support regarding your questions, you can make a video call by registering an appointment via PingBit Mate.

Second Opinion

You can conduct video interviews with the participation of expert physicians, second opinions about your health status and health decisions at the comfort of your home.

Voice Analysis

With the artificial intelligence tools available in the PingBit Health Platform, your physician can analyze your symptoms more efficiently and effectively advance the treatment process by making voice analysis during the interview.

Motion Analysis

With the artificial intelligence tools we have developed, your physician can analyze your movement during the interview, effectively detect your movement disorders and limitations, and effectively advance the relevant physical therapy processes.

Patient Management

Patient data are presented on a single platform, including health data, vital signs, life activities and anamnesis information. It is ensured that the treatment processes are managed practically and effectively with appointments, question-answer and video interview tools.

Secure Health Archive

Your vital signs, life activities, symptom findings, radiology images, hospital reports, photos and videos about your health are stored in the secure archive of PingBit Health Platform, where your authorized doctor and relatives can have access.

Image Processing

On the PingBit Health Platform screens, radiology images, reports and photographs in the patient files can be viewed collectively by your doctors during the interview.

Quick access to specialists

With the health technologies we have developed, we support you to lead a healthy, peaceful and regular life by facilitating your access to distinguished health professionals who are experts in their fields.


PingBit Health offers you a holistic health solution by including health experts, nurses, physicians and subspecialty doctors.

PingBit Product Family

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